KLIMOR is part of the KLIMA-THERM group of companies and is a leading manufacturer and supplier of ventilation, cooling and air conditioning equipment for both general and special purpose equipment, and products are designed not only for buildings but also for ships. With 50 years of experience, backed by specialist knowledge and extensive experience gathered in both Poland and several European countries, the company is able to create state-of-the-art technology solutions. The equipment and solutions developed follow modern trends while maintaining high quality standards.


KLIMOR provides the following services based on customer needs and ensuring their satisfaction:


»» Manufacture and assembly of ventilation equipmentk

»» Design of ventilation units according to selection software

»» Assembly of accessories, automation and subsystems

»» Equipment Testing and Startup

»» Tehnilise dokumentatsiooni koostamine

»» Preparation of technical documentation

»» Warranty and technical support

»» HVAC Equipment and Systems Consulting


The high quality products of the KLIMOR factories have been recognized by various ventilation and air conditioning experts with various awards and certifications. The products have been tested and certified by independent certification body TÜV Reinland Polska to DIN 1946 - 4: 2008, PN - EN 1886: 2008 and PN - EN 13053+ A1: 2011.